What’s being planned: Planning applications and decisions in Swindon

Stratton St Margaret: A house, which had its ground floor used as a shop and café for many years, was converted back to a house in the last few years could be again used as a shop and hairdressing salon.

A plan put forward by a Mr Amin for 101 Stratton Road which proposes using half of the the ground floor of the house for a hairdresser and two other rooms as a shop and its storage room, with the first-floor rooms converted into a one-bed flat has been approved.

Sparcells: A single three-bedroom detached house could be divided into two smaller houses if Ross Hayward’s plans are approved. He wants to divide 16 Nevis Close into two two-bed homes, with both having an open plan living dining and kitchen space downstairs. If approved one of the new homes will have a new entrance porch constructed.

The existing driveway would be divided to provide parking for both houses, but Swindon Borough Council’s highways officers are not convinced. Their report said neighbours are already concerned by on-street parking and added: ”the site appears too small to meet the parking requirements of the proposal.”

Rodbourne: Shoppers at fashion store Tommy Hilfiger in the designer outlet village could see major changes. The chain wants to refit the entire store including painting the original Victorian columns.

Old Town: A house in Victoria Road which is used as a six-bed HMO can be extended to create a nine-bed shared house. Sergei Kudryatsev’s application to put a two-storey rear extension on number 42 has been approved by planners despite objections from people living at number 41 and South Swindon Parish Council.

Sparcells: The toddlers’ playground in the open space off Sparcells Drive will be moved to avoid waterlogging.

Swindon Borough Council’s wholly-owned Swindon Housing Company installed the play park in 2019 as part of its contribution after getting permission to build houses in the area.

It has suffered from flooding and waterlogging preventing use of the park at times. Planners at Euclid street have approved moving the playground to higher ground a few yards away at the edge of the space abutting Sparcells Drive.

Great Western Hospital: Bosses at Swindon’s hospital in the south west of the town have identified land for a new power centre just to the west of the main hospital complex. They want permission to put up single-storey buildings to house for heating and cooling equipment.

Extensions: Applications have been lodged to build extensions or outbuildings or to convert outbuildings into habitable rooms at 45 Rowan Road, Pinehurst; 19 Ravenscroft, Covingham; 21 Sudeley Way Grange park; 20 Rosemary Close, Haydon Wick; 1 Pickwick Close, Queensfield; 9 Burns Way, Upper Stratton; 3 Bayfield Close, Sparcells; 9 Sarsen Close, Old Town; 8 Frilford Drive, Stratton St Margaret and 68 Bowood Road, Kingshill.

Such extensions have been approved for 69 Oxford Road, Stratton St Margaret; 32 County Road, Broadgreen; 10 Grove Orchard, Highworth; 41 South View Avenue, Old Walcot; 11 Amesbury Close, Penhill; 4 Bampton Grove, Old Walcot; 21 Goddard Avenue, Old Town; 3 Yonder way, Wanborough; 74 Wheeler Avenue, Stratton St Margaret; 8 Markham Road, Wroughton; 153 Drove Road, Queens Park; 20 Kestrel Drive, Covingham; 29 Cornflower Road, Haydon Wick; 13 Campion Gate, Grange Park; 149 Okus Road, Old Town; 14 Lansbury Drive, Stratton St Margaret; 12 Kirby Close, park South; 14 Lister Road, Wroughton; 20 Poltondale, Covingham and 5 Burden Road, Tadpole Garden Village.

The plan put forward by a Mr and Mrs Underhill to build a single and two-storey rear extension, a first floor single-storey side extension and to convert a garage into living accommodation at 17 Bowood Road in Kingshill has been refused permission.

Planning officers said the development of the house currently used as a five-person house of multiple occupation would have an unacceptable impact on neighbours and the conversion of the garage would leave not enough storage for bins and bicycles.

Ward councillor Paul Dixon had asked that the application be called in for discussion and a decision by councillors on the planning committee if planning officers had been in favour of the proposal.

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