WHAT’S BEING PLANNED: Nationwide office to be flats, ‘Amazon’ warehouse and more

Town Centre: An office block used by Nationwide can be converted into 45 flats.

Nationwide is vacating Kingsbridge Point at Regent Circus and has been given permission to convert the building.

A separate application, lodged by KBP Dev Ltd, based in Salisbury, to construct 13 more flats has also been approved under permitted development rules.

Swindon Borough Council’s highways officers had one concern, saying: “The increase in the number of flats gives rise to one issue that was not previously a factor – the way in which the available car parking will be managed when there is likely to be excess demand for spaces. If not adequately managed, there is a risk that the car park will be overused, with a consequent of overspill on to the highway.”

South Marston: The builders of a huge warehouse on behalf of Amazon, Panattoni has withdrawn its application for approval of another scheme on the same site.

Before the developer was given approval for the huge single structure of 3.2 million square feet in June, it already had permission, in outline, for two smaller warehouses. It had put in details of design and access following that approval but has now withdrawn them.

The warehouse has just been sold to Legal & General Investment Management for £200m, the largest single warehouse sale in the UK – and the company’s agent said it was already pre-let to “the world’s largest online retailer”.

Greenbridge: Waste company Biffa’s application to build a new warehouse at its plant on Bridge End Road to handle waste for recycling has been approved.

The company will put up the building to store and compact and bale dry recycling material, which it would then take away. The building will allow the amount of material it can handle to leap from 2,400 tonnes to 15,000 tonnes.

Biffa told Swindon Borough Council it needed the facility because of the coronavirus pandemic closing many offices and workplaces affecting the amount of material being recycled. It said it had been identified as a key service for the country’s economic recovery.

Chiseldon: Plans to build a large family house on land set back between two others in Butts Road have been refused. Applicants Mr and Mrs Pawlowski wanted outline planning permission to build the house behind Staddlestones, the house in which they live, on the corner of Butts Road.

While details would have been the subject of another application, if permission were granted, their plans suggested the house would be a large family home with integrated garage.

Planners turned down the proposal for the site on the very northern boundary of Chiseldon saying: “The proposed dwelling would be situated in the countryside and within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and would harm the landscape character of the area and fail to preserve the setting of the nearby Grade I-listed church.”

Extensions: Applications to build extensions or to convert outbuildings, garages and lofts to habitable rooms have been approved for: 18 Bowood Road, Kingshill; 15 Bones Road, Wroughton; 54 Belle Vue Road, Old Town; 3 Carroll Close, Liden; 25 Taylor Crescent, Kingsdown; 122 Queens Drive, Central; Jasmine House, Chiseldon; 71 Tismeads Crescent, Old Town; 12 Grove Orchard, Highworth; 11 Ashie Close, Sparcells; 12 Carisbrooke Terrace, Chiseldon and 50 Home Close, Chiseldon.

A discrepancy between what was permitted in 2020 and what was built has scuppered plans to build an extension to a house in Highworth. Georgina Green sought confirmation she could build the first floor of a two-storey extension to 10 Kings Avenue Highworth that was given consent in 2010.

But building and planning officers said she could not because the ground floor of the extension had been built not in accordance with the original plans permitted, which meant ‘a material change to the application. Therefore, the continuation of the extension would not accord with the original permission and the development would be unlawful’.

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