Teen robbers punched, kicked and hit their victim with a bike seat

Teen robbers punched, kicked and hit their victim with a bike seat

A pair of boys who circled their victim before robbing him of a bag, wallet and passport have been jailed.

Swindon Crown Court heard Jake Frampton struck the first blow after following their victim down Church Walk North, Moredon, on the evening of November 11, 2018. Lewis Morton struck him over the head with a bicycle seat. Another youth, who cannot be named because he is under-18, has admitted robbery and will be sentenced on Monday.

Prosecutor Colin Meeke said their victim had been walking home through Moredon at around 7.30pm.

The three youths – then aged 17 and 14 – were stood at a bus stop. Morton yelled “oi” at the other man, who recognised him as they had played football together a few years earlier.

The youth was said to have gone over to the victim and asked him if he was selling cannabis. When he said he wasn’t, the victim was asked what was in his rucksack.

The boy cycled off but returned a short while later with the two older lads, it was said. They circled the victim and tried to get into his bag.

Frampton landed a punch on the victim’s left cheek, causing him to fall to the floor. Morton and Frampton punched and kicked him as he lay on the ground. Morton struck him over the head with the seat post of a bicycle.

The group cycled off, having taken the boy’s bag, wallet and an old passport. The victim had to go to hospital, where a cut to his head was glued. He was also left with bumps and bruises.

Frampton and the youth were identified from CCTV and an identity parade. Morton told police he had not been involved.

Frampton, 19, of Heddington Close, and Morton, 19, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to robbery.

They were both known to the courts. Frampton had been on a youth rehabilitation order for a wounding when he committed the robbery. Morton, who is currently serving a 27 month sentence for dealing drugs, had a record described as awful by the judge.

Rob Ross, for Frampton, said his client was maturing. He had obtained his qualification enabling him to work on construction sites and had stayed out of trouble. He had come to court prepared to be sent to prison.

“What do we hope that young people all do when they offend and go before the courts? We hope they will change,” the solicitor said, saying his client had.

Emma Handslip, for Morton, said the young man was autistic and had been exploited as a youth by older drug dealers. He had not been able to live with his family for their safety. She described her client as a square peg in a round hole. “He didn’t fit, he was struggling and was in a very, very vulnerable position at the time this offence took place.”

Judge Peter Crabtree sentenced Frampton to 16 months in a young offenders’ institute. Morton received a 14 month spell, which will be served after his 27 months for drug dealing.

The judge said the boys had targeted their victim, who was alone and carrying a bag. “It well passes the custody threshold.”

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