Swindon’s water could be damaging people’s skin

Swindon's water could be damaging people's skin

Swindon’s water could be damaging people’s skin because of the ‘hardness’ of the water and it could be causing acne and signs of ageing.

Cosmetify has come up with an interactive tool to find out the water hardness in areas across the country.

The hardness of water is defined by how many dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium it contains. More of these means that the water is considered to be harder.

Dermatologist Vikram Rajkomar explained what to when you have normal skin but live in a hard water area.

He said: “This means that calcium and magnesium can be left on your skin, causing free radicals which are linked to ageing. Make sure that you thoroughly cleanse and moisturise to help reduce the chances of premature ageing.”

To use the online tool click here.

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