Spotchecks reveal some Swindon businesses aren’t Covid-secure

Spotchecks carried out at Swindon businesses have revealed some are not meeting all Covid-secure requirements. 

The Health and Safety Executive and Swindon Borough Council have joined forces to ensure around 6,000 companies across the town follow the regulations. 

This includes supermarkets, shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, warehouses and distribution sites. 

The HSE has contacted more than 1,650 businesses since January 25, of which 175 have met the standards. 

There are 633 businesses that need to provide “further information” and 250 are under “further investigation”. 

Director of public health Steve Maddern said: “I think for those businesses that have been Covid compliant, it’s really been encouraging to see that they’ve been following those regulations and for those people that necessarily haven’t been able to demonstrate the evidence of that, we are starting to look at trends and the themes as to why they aren’t able to do that.”

Officers will start the process by offering advice and guidance to businesses to help them manage the risk of coronavirus transmission in the workplace.

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