Shopper hits out at ‘too many people’ in Tesco due to post office queue

A SHOPPER has claimed too many people were allowed into a Tesco Express making social distancing difficult. 

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, has been going into the Tesco Express at Abbey Meads Village Centre every day before work to get his lunch and has said there wasn’t a problem until last week. But he says queuing customers at the post office counter are causing a problem for shoppers.

“It wasn’t this bad before. It’s got worse since lockdown ended.

“I think it’s people coming to return their parcels after they’ve done online shopping because the long queue was at the post office inside the store,” he said. 

“Nobody could possibly socially distance in that aisle near the post office. 

“People look at you as if you’re too close but there’s nothing you can do. On some days I’ve had a look at how busy it is inside the shop and I just don’t bother going in.”

He was told by staff that they only allow 16 people in at a time to make social distancing possible, but the customer estimates there were around 30 people on December 1.

Despite his complaints, he feels nothing has changed as every day since he claims the store has been just as busy. 

He said: “It just doesn’t make me feel safe. People are wearing masks but they still have to keep their distance. 

“People will even come over to take something off the shelves while there’s a long queue in the way. 

“I’m just worried about everyone who is in there because they could get the virus and my parents are shielding and I do the shopping for them so I’m worried about them.”

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We are sorry to hear of this customer’s concerns, but we have robust measures in place in all our stores to keep our customers and colleagues safe during the pandemic.

“There is a high demand for the post office counter within the store on Mondays and Tuesdays and we limit the number of customers in the store so that social distancing can be maintained at all times.”

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