Roadworks carried out on ‘rat-run’ road as neighbours raise safety fears about speeding drivers

WORK is being carried out on a North Swindon route where neighbours raised concerns about speeding.

A straight stretch of Tadpole Lane often tempts drivers into racing well above the 30mph speed limit before they have to brake sharply for the blind and narrow bend which leads to the Tadpole Garden Village housing development and Brimble Hill and Uplands schools.

People living on Wyld Close fear someone could get seriously hurt or even killed on this section of the busy lane after they witnessed a head-on collision a few weeks ago and their community speedwatch group quit because the volunteers felt unsafe.

Hugh Milsom brought the issue to the Adver’s attention and since then, he has seen roadworks being set up nearby.

He added: “The workmen have complained that traffic passes them at twice the speed limit and they have been subjected to abuse by disgruntled drivers.

“We think the work is going to take until August and they will then carry out a traffic survey in September. It’s a good start but won’t address one of our other concerns – the noise.”

Noise levels are frustrating some neighbours who feel they can’t sit in their garden because of motorcyclists revving up and drivers putting their foot down while on the stretch near the small housing estate.

And they say that the amount of traffic has increased over the last few years and turning Tadpole Lane into a rat-run as more new developments are built around the town and major improvements are carried out on some of Swindon’s main arteries.

Coun Kevin Parry is Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet member for highways. He explained that a number of different measures and improvements are being added to the road to make road users safer.

They include a widened path and improved crossing point, new gateway features and signs, red surface treatment at the Wyld Close junction, more 30mph roundels added along the route, refreshed road lining, a school warning sign, and a new layby for the Thames Water pumping station.

Coun Parry added: “There are some s278 works at this location and the local highway authority are now facilitating these as they have been.

“The contractor is on-site. There are no plans for speed bumps and a further road assessment will be carried out shortly.”

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