Rearranged derby could allow fans says supporters club chairman

OFFICIAL Supporters’ Club chairperson Peter Norris says there could be an upside to the cancellation of Town’s hotly-anticipated derby with Oxford United.

With four confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the County Ground among players and backroom staff, the decision was eventually made to cancel the game by the EFL late on Friday following meetings between the English Football League, Public Health England and members of the Town hierarchy.

But once the verdict was reached, Mr Norris suggested supporters should not feel too disheartened as there may be a potential upside to the initial misery.

He said: “If you want to think positively about it, the postponement may give fans a chance to attend the rearranged fixture.

“I know away fans may not be able to go, but at least there will be some kind of atmosphere for the players.

“And although I think the novelty has worn off with watching football on the TV, this was one of those games where you were still going to sit down, watch it and hope for the best – now we’ve got no football at all.

“If there’s one positive we can take from this though, it’s that – depending on when the game is rearranged for, hopefully the new year – fans may be able to go.”

The life-long Town fan sent his best wishes to those affected and said everyone at the Official Supporters’Club hopes those players and backroom staff will see a speedy recovery from the virus.

Mr Norris, like many, was extremely disappointed to see the game called off – especially as it would have been the first time since February 2017 that the rivals had faced off in the league.

However, the OSC chairperson insisted he was completely understanding of the circumstances surrounding the decision, despite the postponement causing Town’s fixture list to stack up even more.

Mr Norris said: “From a football perspective, the game being called off is really disappointing.

“It was the first time in nearly four years that the two clubs had played each other.

“But leaving that aside, from a humanitarian perspective, the club has got to do what they’ve got to do if people have got the virus.

“I know the club has taken loads of precautions to keep the virus out, but somehow it’s still got in.

“The other thing is that the team had eight games in October, and with this one off and Tuesday’s game too, they’re going to stack up even more.”

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