Pupil with no symptoms tests positive for coronavirus at Lydiard Park Academy

An asymptomatic pupil has tested positive today for coronavirus at Lydiard Park Academy.

The school made the decision to close the whole of Year 7 and students have been told to self-isolate until February 21.

A lateral flow test was used to confirm the positive result.  

In a short video posted on social media, Lydiard Park Academy principal Gary Pearson said: “I just wanted to inform parents that we had a positive case of Covid-19 in school today. We’ve picked that up through our Lateral Flow Testing system because the pupil was actually asymptomatic and did not have any symptoms at all.

“As a result, I’ve had to send the whole of the year 7 bubble home and they will remain in isolation until the Sunday before we come back after half term.

“All the other year groups which we’ve got in – years 8 to 13 – they can remain coming into school on Thursday and Friday as long as we don’t have further positive tests.”

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