Marlborough film night prompts climate change discussions

On Thursday, May 23, Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK hosted a film screening of 2040 at Marlborough Town Hall as part of their election-year climate campaign. 

It marked nearly 18 years since Marlborough held its first meeting on the climate crisis, with a presentation by the late MP Michael Meacher.

Judy Hindley, co-founder of Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK, said: “Our climate event was a terrific success, with over a hundred people in the audience. Marlborough has become a hub of climate action. 

“The film itself and Professor Dave Waltham’s intro – ‘we already have the solutions to climate change, we just need the policies to put them in place’ – had an enthusiastic response.  People came early and stayed afterwards, clustering around the table showcasing the policy promoted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby as one of the key paths to get to that post-carbon future shown so glowingly in the film.”

Their next event titled ‘can we afford net zero?’ will take place in October (date tbc) and will focus on a discussion around supporting policy changes. 

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