Calls for care home plans at Ridgeway Farm to be refused

PLANS have been submitted for a two-storey, 66-bed care home for older people in Swindon.

The proposal is for land off the Buffer, at the Ridgeway Farm Development on Purton Road.

The site is located at the western gateway into the Ridgeway Farm development, within a newly developed residential area.

The design statement states: “There would be associated access, parking and landscaping.

Swindon Advertiser: Proposed site layout planProposed site layout plan

“The care home is intended, very much as a local community care facility, to be occupied and staffed by local people. The scheme would be developed in a configuration which enables the care home to provide general purpose residential care and residential dementia care.”

It adds: “The objective is to provide a standard and character of accommodation that would provide a higher quality of life for residents than that offered in any other, more conventionally designed facility, currently existing within the wider area.”

It is anticipated that some 58 jobs would be created in the operation of the proposed care home.

Care home will make ‘positive impact’

In conclusion, the statement says: “The development of this site for to provide a residential care home for older people will make a positive impact within and contribution to the established character and appearance of the area, as well as delivering other important social and economic benefits.

“This application seeks to positively deliver the care accommodation for older people on this plot that has been desired within the Master Planning of the area and that to date has not materialised.

“The proposed development has been carefully planned and designed to offer a building of an attractive and appropriate appearance to the locality that will offer an important social care service and local community support facility.”

Swindon Advertiser: Gateway perspective

A family that live near to the proposed site has asked for Wiltshire Council to reject the plans in a lengthy response.

Abdou Jallow, who lives on Purton Road, says the “peace and quietness” that made the family buy their property would become non-existent.

Mr Jallow says the car park would be just a few metres from his sitting room and bedroom window, meaning noise, dust and air pollution.

Plans ‘highly concerning’

Mr Jallow also expresses concern about “the nature of the patients kept at this facility”.

He says the family has “first-hand information” of dementia care patients, and that he is “fully aware of the nature of dementia patients and how aggressive [they are]”.

The comment adds: “Their mood can change from being calm to suddenly being confused which can lead to the person trying to escape the facility, and if stopped then they sometimes be screaming loud or even become aggressive to the people taking care of them which all can end up affecting my peace and mental health with my family as we are living that close to the facility.

“Delusions, hallucinating and increased agitation are all something associated with dementia patients and therefore, its only natural that I have to look after myself and family mental health and well being and living within a close proximity to a facility that houses the above patients that I’ve just mentioned is something me and my family are highly concerned about.”

It ends: “I am highly and kindly pleading with Wiltshire Council to not issue or approve this planning application due to the safety and mental health of both my family and all the other families surrounding this facility.”

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