Banksy in Swindon? Mysterious artwork appears in Old Town

The black and white image of a boy, similar to those produced by the legendary urban artist, has been painted onto the wall of the abandoned Stagecoach bus depot building on Eastcott Road. 

Swindon Advertiser: Painting appears on the side of abandoned Stagecoach building Painting appears on the side of abandoned Stagecoach building

In the painting, the boy holds a sign that reads “Wild £ man on the run. Heading for Bristol. Dodge News.”

The artwork has been drawing a crowd with a number of people stopping and taking pictures of the site while the Adver was visiting. 

Tom Silverberg, 25, believes the art isn’t Banksy but was pleased to see the building being used for something creative. 

He said: “We only live down the road and I love anything community-based, community artwork in Swindon

“Things like this always get peoples attention and someone in the local area would have done it. 

“It’s probably not a Banksy because of the line-work and stencil-work but someone’s still done it. It’s very nice. 

“More things like this should be encouraged. If you go somewhere like Berlin or Bristol or a city that appreciates the people living in it then they’re painting on stuff. 

“These people want to put art out in the world, we’re not doing anything else, so why not let them have a go?”

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