Asymptomatic testing set to launch next month in Swindon

The council is set to launch community testing in the next few weeks for people without Covid-19 symptoms.

The asymptomatic testing programme is currently scheduled to begin in early February.

Swindon Borough Council’s director of public health Steve Maddern said: “In regard to asymptomatic testing, we have begun an internal asymptomatic testing service for SBC staff this week that are working in priority services who are working with vulnerable adults and children.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to start small and allow us to kind of work some of the bugs out the system, before we look to roll-out to the wider community.”

Around one in three people who have coronavirus do not display any symptoms.

Local authorities are being encouraged to target testing at people who are unable to work from home during the national lockdown.

The council is currently looking for people to support test and trace work for their asymptomatic community testing centre.

Roles include lateral flow test operatives and team leaders. Successful candidates will be employed on a temporary contract. To apply visit

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